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Saturday, 6 October 2012

32 Part Time Business Ideas

It’s always great to start a part time business or a side business along with your good going day job. It gives you more exposure, more contacts and some extra money! So, why not start a part time business? I have compiled a 32 Part Time Business Ideas. See if you can take one of them.
part time professional

Hobby Related Part Time Business Ideas

1. Do you love to read books? If yes, there must be loads of books lying in your room. Rent them.
2. Start a school of art, music and dance. Classes on weekends.
3. Modelling?
4. Love travel? Organise small trips at weekends.
5. Photographer – weddings, parties, tours, etc.
6. Go green. Become a gardening and landscaping specialist.
7. Move with your passion of writing songs/lyrics.
8. If you are good in writing, you can also become a Columnist for a local newspaper.
9. Create t-shirt designs and slogans and sell them to manufacturers.
10. Have music talents? Join a local band or become a solo singer.
11. Sell your own paintings.

Internet Based Part Time Business Ideas

12. Help local businesses in your area meet their online needs. Become an internet marketing consultant for them.
13. These days you can also become a part time travel agent online.
14. Become a freelance graphic designer or web-designer.
15. Set up an online store on eBay or other sites and sell electronically despatchable products like ebooks, sofwares, etc.
16. Have patience? Start blogging.

Other Part Time Business Ideas

17. Start a car rental business.
18. Buy and sell billboard space.
19. Mystery Shopper is a popular concept and you can do it part time.
20. Help individuals show the right career path. Start a part time Career Counselling business.
21. If you are good in marketing, help other people to promote their business.
22. Become a part time real estate agent/broker.
23. Become an organiser for small events and parties.
24. Good in networking and sales? Join a Multi-Level Marketing company.
25. Start a Joggers’ Club for senior citizens and help them keep good health.
26. Do you love sleeping? If not, then start a late night cab service.
27. Start a newspaper delivery service.
28. Become a fitness trainer.
29. Become a tutor for a subject you are expert in.
30. Set up or rent out vending machines.
31. Collect scrap metals and resell them.
32. Become a human billboard once a week.
Those who are desperately looking for a part time business, hope this list helps. If you have anymore ideas, please do share in comments.